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Update: Spoiled Rotten

Posted January 15, 2013 by Corey

Greetings and salutations! The latest update of Don't Starve is now live on Steam! Prepare to be spoiled rotten!

If you'd like to discuss this update, you can head over to this forum post.

Special Note for Chrome Users:

There may be some issues today with the Chrome version as we wait for Google App Engine to inspect and correct an "anomaly" on its server. If you're playing on Chrome and experience problems playing or updating, please check this status link. If it looks like a Christmas tree full of red and yellow, that's bad. However, if all of the alerts are green and "Normal," that's good! If everything is green and you're still experiencing trouble, head over to our support forums so we can take a look!

Release notes:

  • Food spoils over long periods of time. Stale and Spoiled foods are less beneficial. Rotten food is practically inedible, but can be used as fuel or fertilizer.
  • Health and hunger values have been re-tuned across the board. Characters have a larger hunger buffer now.
  • Crock pot foods are stackable.
  • You can build a fridge to mitigate spoilage.
  • New unlockable character: WX78, a robot who can eat spoiled food with no penalties, and who hates all living things.
  • Steam cloud can be disabled (details here)
  • Camera controls for streamers/youtubers: CTRL+P will freeze the camera in place. CTRL+H will hide the hud
  • Smallbirds grow up to become angsty Teenbirds. Teenbirds grow up to be Tallbirds and leave the player.
  • The mysterious Otto Von Chesterfield can be found in some swamps. (You will need a regen to find him)
  • Beefalo travel in proper herds now. Herds regenerate off-screen (currently with adults)
  • Beefalo herds become agitated when they go into heat, and will chase away the player if they are not wearing a beefalo hat.
  • Beefalo sometimes drop a beefalo horn, which can be used to move beefalos around.
  • The spiderhat is no longer craftable - you just wear the queen's head directly. It also can't be used to steal spiders from an existing queen.


Don't Starve Update Poster: Spoiled Rotten


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