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Don't Starve Update: A Winter's Tale!

Posted February 26, 2013 by Corey

Winter Update!

Today the cold snap of winter has arrived, bringing with it new challenges and beasts a-plenty. If you missed our most recent moving picture show you may investigate it here!

New creatures:

  • MacTusk the Walrus - Sets up camp in an igloo, and then hunt you with blowdarts and hounds.
  • Deerclops - He’s big, he likes to smash stuff, and he’s really hard to kill. You should probably just run away.
  • Winter Koalefant - You can harvest his warm winter trunk.
  • Snowbird - A winter bird that drops a new type of feather.
  • Mosquitos - Spawn from ponds or Maxwellian traps. They eat too much and explode!
  • Ice Hound - Comes instead of the fire hound during winter.

New Drops    

  • Blue gem
  • Walrus Tusk
  • Deerclops Eye
  • Tam o’Shanter
  • Snowbird feather

New Craftables

  • Ice Staff
  • Winterometer
  • Blow Darts (damaging)
  • Winter Trunk Vest

For the complete release notes, you can visit our forum post which details the tuning and tweaks that accompany this latest enhancement. 

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