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The First Caves Update Have Arrived!

Posted May 22, 2013 by Corey

Ever wonder what's going on below Wilson's feet? Do rabbit holes really lead to the kingdom of the Bunnymen? Now you can explore the depths of Don't Starve's underworld with our latest caves update!

Update Notes:

This is the first in a series of updates to create a new explorable underground adventure. While there are plenty of fun things to find and experiment with down there right now, please keep in mind that this is just an early version of our overall vision for the caves.

As such, it's a bit sparse compared to our grand vision, and you may encounter bugs. We'll be fixing things and adding new monsters, objects, and mechanics down there for 3-4 more updates.

  • We've added the first pass of the new caves biome. Who knows what's down there. You should be able to find one cave entrance somewhere on survival maps generated post-launch but before this update. Newly generated maps will have a handful of different entrances, all leading to different caves.
  • Shift-click moves items between open containers. Ctrl-Shift-click manipulates stacks in the same way
  • Abigail and Chester no longer trigger traps
  • Hammering is a RMB action
  • Bush hat hide is an RMB toolbar action

If you want to see our new fancy update poster and discuss the latest update among fellow intrepid explorers of the underworld, you can head over to our update post on the official Don't Starve Forum

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