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Update: Progress

Posted January 29, 2013 by Corey

That's right, the latest enhancements to the Don't Starve experience are aptly named "Progress!". As of today you will be able to take advantage of a bevy of new features. Here's a small sample. For the full list, head over to our forums to discuss. 


You can escape the world by finding... things... and doing... stuff with them. 

New Research Method:

Under the new research method, you unlock access to tiers of recipes by building research machines. This is a big change, so we've made it optional when you start a new world.

New Character:

Wickerbottom the librarian can be unlocked with XP. She gets a bonus research tier, because she is so smart.

New Creatures:

There are baby beefalo. You can eat them, if you are a terrible person.

Disgusting worm mouths are sprinkled throughout new worlds. I dare you to click on one!

There is a new, elusive herbivore that you can hunt. He is hard to find, and harder to catch. He drops some unique loot and lots of meat.

New Craftables:

You can build three types of defensive walls (straw, wood, and stone). 

You can make wooden floor tiles and place them like turf.

You can make a boomerang and throw it at other creatures. 

You can build a pitchfork, which takes over turfing duties from the shovel.

You can craft a nice, comfy summer vest. How dashing!


There are a ton of other fixes, tweaks and enhancements. For the full break down, check out this most informative forum post.

Click here for a larger version!

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