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Posted November 25, 2013 by Jan

We're happy to announce that our Chester Plush Replica KickStarter has launched!

One of the questions we've been getting since we first posted the prototype image is "Can you store stuff in him?" The answer is yes! His Eyebone even fits inside if that's how you'd prefer to store your adopted Chester.

New Update! Six Feet Under

Posted October 07, 2013 by Jan

Greetings and salutations fellow champions of science! Firstly, apologies for the delay on the Standalone, Chrome, and Linux (Steam) updates. There was an issue that prevented us from launching the latest update on these platforms until now, and we wanted to make sure that everything was in tip-top shape before getting Six Feet Under in your hands!


Don't Starve: A Moderately Friendly Update!

Posted September 18, 2013 by Jan

Greetings and Salutations fellow champions of science! Firstly, apologies for the delay in transmission of our electronic informational posting. We've been busy working on improving one of the most exciting aspects of this update, simplified modding!

We wanted to make sure we had our proverbial ducks in a line before letting you know - but the time has come! Creating your Don't Starve creatures and game tweaks is now easier than ever. Read onward for our complete release notes.


Don't Starve - Art Figure Collectables @ PAX 2013

Posted August 30, 2013 by JoeW

Are you at PAX Prime 2013? Come visit us at Booth #683 we've got our first ever Don't Starve Blind-Box Art Figure Collectable.

In the final production, there will be 12 figures based on characters from Don't Starve to collect, this is our first 100 Wilson figures ever made.

Exclusive to PAX there is a chance to get a solid gold Wilson. More figures and details coming after PAX. And yes, once the line is fully released you'll be able to buy online.


It's official, Don't Starve Together - a free multiplayer expansion - is coming to Don't Starve this summer! 

don't starve together comic


If you would like to discuss Don't Starve Together with other fellow adventurers, head on over to our thread in the Don't Stave Forums!

Want to talk about this? Visit the Don't Starve Forums!

We've just fully launched the Reign of Giants Expansion on Steam and Standalone! The PS4 version is in the works and we'll let everyone know once we have more details. You can pick up a copy for yourself on Steam or on our official websiteTo celebrate, we've created a brand new trailer just for release to give you a taste of the monstrous mysteries that await. 

If you would like to discuss the Reign of Giants Expansion launch with other fellow adventurers, head on over to the Don't Stave Forums!

Want to talk about this? Visit the Don't Starve Forums!

We've recently launched the Reign of Giants Expansion on Steam Early-Access!

The new content in Reign of Giants touches all corners of the game and is focused on adding content throughout the entire upper world of Don’t Starve. This includes new characters, seasons, creatures, craftables and biomes, all of which will work together with the existing content of Don’t Starve to provide new challenges and play-styles. 

What's in the Reign of Giants Early-Access Beta? 

At this point of the beta, we've included two brand new characters, new seasons, biomes, creatures, craftables and items.

New Characters - Play as Webber, a unique creature who can befriend Spiders and even grow a dapper silk beard. Or play as Wigfrid, a powerful, carnivorous, Valkyrie who gains power from her fallen foes!

Giants - Literally the biggest additions to the game are the Giants that you'll face at certain points of each season. Will you be able to adapt and overcome the dangerous new challenges each of them bring?

New Seasons - Did you think Winter was dangerous in the core game? Wait until you try surviving the heavy rainfall in Spring and the extreme heat during Summer. Each new season presents unique new challenges and rewards for those willing to brave the elements.

New Items and Craftables - To survive the new seasons, you'll have to use the new items and craftables including the Ice Hat, Ice Fling-O-Matic, Endothermic Fire, Rain Coat, Rain Hat, and much more!

New Creatures - Interact with new creatures like the burrowing Moleworms, the supercharged Volt Goats. There's also new creatures you can befriend like the gift-giving Catcoon and the docile Glommer.

New Save Slot - We've also added a new save slot into the game. Now, you'll be able to play through and survive five different worlds!

For more information about the Reign of Giants Beta on Steam Early Access, head on over to our thread for it in Don't Stave: Reign of Giants Beta Forums

Want to talk about this? Visit the Don't Starve Forums!


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