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Player Creation Guidelines

Don't Starve started as, and continues to be, a grand experiment for us at Klei. Building this game alongside the community was a new territory for us, but it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Many of our community have since asked if they can create their own incredible creations using our software, and we're very flattered by that.

To help support your creations, we've made this page to clarify what you "can" and "can not" do with Don't Starve. At the end of the day, we simply want to continue to perpetuate the great, positive community we have in our forums and help share our creations with each other.

What is a "Player Creation?"

For the purposes of this page, we consider a "Player Creation" as anything that uses the Don't Starve name, brand, or characters as part of or inspiration for a new creation. This could include (but is not limited to) fan art, fan-sites, wikis, tools, apps (desktop and mobile), game mods, crafts, toys, or video content.


To get things started, here's a simple list check list we like to call the "Golden Rules." If you're going to create something around Don't Starve, whatever it may be:

  • Make it clear that your creation is your own, and not by us. 
  • Be open, welcoming and respectful. Basically, don't be a jerk!
  • Follow our Terms of Service. (Honestly, if you're not doing something illegal, you're probably fine)

If you can stick to those rules, the likely outcome is that we'll think what you're doing is pretty darn neat-o.

What You Can Do With Player Creations:

We love fan-made Player Creations, we share them around the office all the time. Our community manager also tries to find the best ones and spotlight them on our website. Most people fall into one of three categories: Personal, Public, Commercial.


If you want to make something just for yourself, go nuts. As long as you follow our Golden Rules, you're good to go. Have fun!


If you want to share your creations with the world (for free), that's no problem! Just follow the Golden Rules and share away. 


Commercial use is when you make money for your Player Creation. Commercial use of Player Creations is not allowed (except for the specific situations listed below).

Hand-Made Etsy Products:

If you want to produce small batch creations that are hand-made (by you personally, not an assembly line worker) creations, you may sell them on (which requires the items you sell to be hand-made).

For anything else, please contact us. If you do make something, we'd love to see it! Thank you to the friends and fans who have mailed us their hand-made creations. They're super awesome and on display in our studio!

YouTube Video Monetization

If you want to upload videos of or about Don't Starve to video sharing and streaming sites (like YouTube & Twitch etc.) you can absolutely put ads on them. All we ask is that you consider adding a link somewhere to the game's Steam page, or the official website. You don't have to, but it would be super awesome if you did.

Applications Tools & Mods

We're pretty flattered that talented people want to spend their time creating mods, plugins and tools for Don't Starve and we want to support it. If you want to make a mod, all we ask is:

  • You follow the Golden Rules.
  • Don't bypass our game's purchase system or distribute modified versions of the full game.
  • You're honest about what it does (no malicious, harmful or hidden functions).
  • You distribute it for free.
  • "Don't Starve" is not the first words of your title.

Commercial use of Don't Starve-related mods, tools and apps are not permitted. This means you may not charge for access to the application and you may not charge for feature unlocks or offer "Pro Versions."

If you would like to monetize your Don't Starve related tool, app or mod (on desktop or mobile devices) you may do so only with in-app ads. You may also accept donations.

Modding Etiquette: General Guidelines

Take a few moments to read through and familiarize yourself with our modding etiquette guidelines.

  • Please remember that modders are not required to support their mods; and while you are welcome to ask a modder to add, remove, or change parts of their mod, it is ultimately up to the modders whether they make any changes or not.
  • If you choose to modify and upload another person's mod, be sure to ask them for permission and provide proper credit unless they have said previously that their work can be freely reworked or modified.
  • Mods containing assets from other games or media are not allowed.

In addition to the Steam subscriber agreement, we ask that you follow our community guidelines and etiquette.

Naming Your Player Creations

We ask that you don't make the name of the game the first part of the app's title. Here's an example application naming etiquette:

Bad Application Name: "Don't Starve Wiki."

Good Application Name: "Unofficial Don't Starve Wiki" or "Guide for Don't Starve" or "Bob's Don't Starve Map App."

If you have any questions about something not covered in this guideline, please contact us.

If you decide to download a mod for Don't Starve and hit a snag, please keep in mind that we can only provide technical support for unmodified versions of the game.