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Steam Workshop: We're hungry for your creations!

You can create your own mods for Don’t Starve to change your game and share with the community. Add in custom characters, play with the world generation, create new creatures and items, or take your adventure in a whole new direction!

Using our handy-dandy Mod Upload Machine you can put your mods directly onto Steam Workshop for everyone to download and enjoy.

What can I mod?

Don’t Starve is extremely open, just about any aspect of the game can be modified or extended. Common mod ideas include:

  • New characters, complete with custom artwork and special abilities.

  • Tweaking the tuning on an existing character or item.

  • Altering the behavior of creatures.

  • Creating new weapons and items for players to use.

  • Changing the world generation rules to adjust the balance and feel of the game.

  • Adding new locations and set pieces into world generation.

  • Extending the interface and inventory.

  • Entirely new mechanics to challenge the player.

  • Pets, monsters, and other new characters in the world.

And the modding community is still young, with lots of new ideas still to explore! What will you create?

Modding Etiquette: General Guidelines

Take a few moments to read through and familiarize yourself with our modding etiquette guidelines.

  • Please remember that modders are not required to support their mods; and while you are welcome to ask a modder to add, remove, or change parts of their mod, it is ultimately up to the modders whether they make any changes or not.
  • If you choose to modify and upload another person's mod, be sure to ask them for permission and provide proper credit unless they have said previously that their work can be freely reworked or modified.
  • Mods containing assets from other games or media are not allowed.

In addition to the Steam subscriber agreement, we ask that you follow our community guidelines and etiquette.

Let the science begin!

Here are some handy resources to get you started:

Modding discussion forum - Join the community to learn and contribute!

Sample Mod Pack - Some simplified examples to get you started

API Examples - Provides documentation for custom mod scripting

Using the Steam Workshop mod upload tool - For putting your mods into Workshop

More resources and tools are currently in development!